Tunisia: A perfect Tourist Destination

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Tunisia is the smallest Nation in North Africa, but thanks to its strategic position, it has a dramatic and dynamic history. It continues to hold this title even today, evidenced by the fact that this tiny nation started the Arab Spring in 2011.  Originally home to the Berbers exclusively, it has been occupied by the Phoenicians, Romans and Vandals to Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans and French. This has resulted in a country with server historical and desert sites dating back nearly 3000 years. Currently, the official languages are French and English.

Tunisia is a perfect travel destination because it has the whole package. A traveler is spoilt for choice. For the tourists who like to spend their vacation near beaches, Tunisia is heaven. Eight hundred and ten (about 1500km) miles of Tunisian coast is covered by beaches. If you want to, you can surf, sailing, and wind surf to your heart’s content.  Visiting famous amusement parks, kids clubs and enjoying some safe adventure activities like camping, bush walking and hiking are famous family activities of Tunisia. Your children will not be bored at any point in time, and neither will you. The country is also perfect for golfing. It boasts world class golf courses, unique facilities, excellent climate, picturesque surrounding and excellent accommodation.

Archaeology and history buffs are not left behind. Tunisia has the 2nd highest number of ruins from the Roman empire, 2nd only to Italy (which was the focal point of the Roman empire at the time.) You can also visit the when Carthage was the capital of the western Mediterranean region, and a great place to see the ruins.

Tunisia is covered by a vast desert, and a must do is a desert safari. There are companies that organize camps in the deserts and you can even feel more like an “Arabian Night” by using camels for your transportation. With all these things to do, it would be a shame to pass up on the opportunity to visit this lovely country.


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